Legal Stuff

ICELAND IS HOT is an Icelandic travel agency. The primary focus is on selling tours to Iceland to interested parties, advising visitors on services, information and bookings available in Iceland for groups and individuals alike.


ICELAND IS HOT is not responsible for loss of property, damage to property, accidents client's suffer, sickness during travel or stay in Iceland or Greenland. A clients of Iceland is Hot must be ensured in his or her own country of origin and claims for damage, accidents, sickness or other should be processed through proper insurance channels, known to the client before traveling to Iceland and/or Greenland. Iceland is Hot is not responsible for changes in schedules due to extreme weather, force major, strikes or other irregularities which are out of Iceland is HOT's control is, and claims to that effect are rejected. Routes may be altered, itineraries changed or departure times might differ from the original plan. In such cases Iceland is HOT will give notice to the clients should the necessity arise, providing Iceland is HOT has prior and proper information to that effect first hand from the tour operators themselves. The basis of the delivery for such information, is that Iceland is HOT has the correct and up to date customer information (telephone or e-mail). In cases of inadequate information Iceland is HOT is not responsible for the timely receipt of such information.

Passengers affected by changes in flight schedules (domestic or international) will not be reimbursed by Iceland is HOT, but are instead solely responsible for extra charges due to such changes. These charges include hotel nights, meals, transfers etc… The possibility of changes is always present, and hence Iceland is HOT advises travelers to purchase valid travel insurances in their own home country from respectable insurance agencies.

Complaints for services rendered, purchases made and travel arrangements which have been unsatisfactory must reach Iceland is HOT within 2 weeks from departure from Iceland.

Content on the Iceland is HOT website, brochure, leaflets, fliers, blogs, advertisements or other is subject to change as can prices in accordance with currency fluctuations. Prices are furthermore subject to change in cases of government changes in taxation, vast increases in oil or other aspects of Iceland is HOT's control. However, if a tour is paid in full, all prices are honored.

Any eventual changes in rates will not be made with less than 8 weeks' notice prior to arrival.

After the invoice has been issued the price is guaranteed against any surcharge, unless an increase is due to government laws or currency changes. Iceland is HOT will absorb an amount equivalent to 5% of the package price. Amounts that exceed the 5% will be charged and clients will be entitled to cancel their booking with a full refund if the surcharge exceeds 10%.




A nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the total package price should be paid no later than 8 weeks prior to the groups arrival. A pro-forma invoice will be sent to the company or person who requests group services 6 weeks prior to arrival. Full payment for all group requests, services and arrangements shall be received  no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival. In cases of delayed payment, arrangements might be in jeopardy and subject to change or no longer guaranteed and in some cases might be considered canceled. Payments via credit cards carry a 4% service and handling fee.


For groups, a preliminary rooming list must be received no later than 8 weeks prior to arrival and a final rooming list no later than 4 weeks prior to arrival.


All cancellations must be made formally by e-mail or letter and must be proven to have been received by members of the Iceland is HOT employees.


The deposit of 25% is non refundable.

Time line for cancellations for groups:

Less than 8 weeks prior  the 25% deposit

Less than 8 weeks and more than 4 weeks: add 10%

Less than 4 weeks and more than one week: add 50%

Less than 1 week and more than 72 hours: add 75%

Less than 72 hours: add 100%

Please note that cancellation of one or more passengers within a group may cause a price increase for the group since rates are calculated in accordance with the number of people, or a cancellation fee according to above rules for those canceled passengers.

Cancellation terms may be stricter than stated above when dealing with conferences and large groups.

If a service which has unconditionally been confirmed is canceled by Iceland is HOT for example due to insufficient participation, cancellations must be made with at least 4 weeks´ notice on Iceland is HOT's behalf. Iceland is HOT shall make every effort to provide similar alternative arrangements without additional cost to the buyer. Should those alternatives not be to the buyer's satisfaction; a full refund shall be made to the amount paid.


Time line for cancellations:

More than three weeks prior to arrival: Full refund

Less than 3 weeks and more than 2 weeks before arrival: 10% is kept as service fees

Less than 2 weeks and more than 1 week: 25% is kept as service fees

Less than 1 week and more than 72 hours: 50% is kept as service fees

Less than 72 hours and more than 24 hours: 75% is kept as service fees

Less than 24 hours notice: 100% is kept as service fees



Scheduled Tours, Day Tours and Domestic Flights

Infants 0-1 year are free of charge.

Children 2-11 years sharing a room and/or traveling with a guardian will receive 50% discount from the quoted price.

Self-drive packages

Infants 0-1 years are free of charge.

Children 2-11 years: Special children rate applies to all packages if sharing a room with a guardian. Special rates apply for childrens' cars seats and safety measures. Quoted separately.

Children 0-5 years: Accommodation and breakfast free of charge, if sharing a room with guardian.
Children 6-11 years: Charge for childrens' extra bed according to quoted price. Bookings where an extra bed is requested must be booked via e-mail and is on request.


Children 2-11 years sharing a room and/or traveling with a guardian will receive 50% discount from the quoted price on accommodation fees.