Don’t Panic

Oh dear... well, no worries. Just take a chill pill, relax, breathe through your nostrils and say "OM" repeatedly. It won't make a difference but all the people around you will suddenly think you have found inner peace. You won't achieve that unless (1) you dedicate your life to being a yogini and sit cross-legged for at least 2 hours a day or (2) fill out the form below and we will book you on your next life-altering-adventure. Iceland is hot!

Of course, it can't melt, but if it feels like you have tried everything and your plans are just not working out - flights not jiving, times, locations, hotels, it's completely overwhelming. That's why there is a short form below so you can sit back, pour yourself a little tipple and know that Iceland is Hot is on the job to return your sanity. Iceland is Hot, not an outsourced robot will contact you within 24hrs, help you discover what is needed to kick-start your plans and handle the booking process completely. Iceland is hot!
You get around, you're a globetrotter and you're wondering if there's anywhere left that interesting, exotic and exciting to see? Feeling a bit jaded and world-weary you've recently taken up writing your memoirs - should you ever become famous for falling off an impressively large mountain somewhere. Well, don't get down about it because Iceland is Hot has the hottest of cold destinations, perched at the top of the world where two continental plates dance together  with active volcanoes, glaciers, geysers and bubbling mud pots.  Perking up, are we?  Fill out the form below and Iceland is Hot will happily contact you within 24hrs, re-energize you and blow your mind with all the wonderful things to do in Iceland, things that make Iceland your new dream destination. Iceland is hot!
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